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Articles & Chapters, General:

“Gossip, Drinking and Social Control: Consensus and Communication in a Newfoundland Parish.” Ethnology 3, (1966) 434-441

“The Gullah: A Heritage Remembered.” Topic 18 (1967), 9-11 (reprinted in revised form as “Africa Lies Just Off Georgia,” Africa Report 7 (1969), 29-31; as “The Sea Island Gullahs: An Ethnological Bridge,” The Washington Post, October 21 (1969); and in Intercultural Education 2, No. 1 (1969)

“Anthropologists Look at Afro-Americans.” (with Norman E. Whitten, Jr.) Trans-action 5, No. 8 (1968), 49-75

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“Black Folk Culture in Pennsylvania.” Keystone Folklore,19, Nos. 2-3 (1970), 113-119

“Foreword” to Arthur H. Fauset, Black Gods of the Metropolis: Negro Cults in the Urban North. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1971 (and 2001 ed.)

“Reconsideration: The Myth of the Negro Past.” The New Republic, June 24, 1972, 30-32 (Reprinted in Crossovers)

“Reconsideration: Lafcadio Hearn in Cincinnati.” (with Carol Parssinen) The New Republic, October 7. 1972, 32-33 (Reprinted in Crossovers)

“An American Anthropological Dilemma: The Politics of Afro-American Culture.” In Reinventing Anthropology, Dell Hymes, ed. New York: Pantheon, 1973, 153-181 [reprinted by The University of Michigan, 1999] (also reprinted in Crossovers)

“Speaking People, in their Own Words.” (with Roger D. Abrahams) In Walker Evans: Photographs from the Let us Now Praise Famous Men Project. [exhibit catalog] Michener Galleries, University of Texas at Austin, 1974 (Reprinted in Crossovers)

“The Family in the Codroy Valley.” In Perspectives on Newfoundland Society and Culture, Maurice A. Sterns, ed. St. John’s: Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1974, 170-176

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“Black English: A Review Essay.” (with Roger D. Abrahams) American Anthropologist, 77, No. 2 (1975), 329-335

“After the Myth: Studying Afro-American Cultural Patterns in the Plantation Literature.” with Roger D. Abrahams) Research in African Literatures 7, No. 2 (1976) (also in African Folklore in the New World, Daniel J. Crowley, ed. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1977, 65-86) (Reprinted in Crossovers)

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Linguistics, George N. Cave, compiler. Turkeyan, Guyana: University of Guyana, 1976

“Anthropology Looks to the City for Field Trips.” op-ed, New York Times, Sunday, February 22, 1976, Section 4, 14

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eds. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2001, pp. 421-429)

“Vibrational Affinities: The Assemblages of Bennie Lusane.” In The Migrations of Meaning, Judith McWillie and Inverna Lockpez, eds. [exhibit catalog] New York: INTAR Gallery, 1992, 59-67 (also in Keep Your Head to the Sky: Interpreting African American Home Ground, Grey Gundaker, ed. Charlotesville: University of Virginia Press, 1998), 25-36)

Foreword to Religion, Diaspora and Cultural Identity: A Reader in the Anglophone Caribbean, John W. Pulis, ed. Amsterdam: Gordon and Breach, 1999, ix-xi

“Metaphors of Incommensurability.” Special issue of the Journal of American Folklore on creolization, Vol. 116, No. 2 (Winter, 2003), 9-18 (Reprinted in Crossovers)

“Working with Roger [Abrahams]: A Memoir,” Western Folklore, Vol 75, No. ¾, Summer/Fall, 2016, 421-33.

“Robert Ryman: Musician, Painter” in Robert Ryman. Stephen Hoban and Courtney J. Martin, eds. Dia/Yale University Press, 2017

Forward to Bret Lunsford, Sounding for Harry Smith: Early Pacific Northwest Influences. Anacortes, WA: Knw Yr Own and PW Elverum & Sun, 2021, pp. 9-10