Articles in Jazziz, Pulse, and more

Articles on Music in Jazziz and Pulse Magazines:

“Newport Memories: Revelations and Transcendence.” 1996 JVC Jazz Festival Program(in Pulse Magazine), 28
“Stardust Serenade: Traditions, Tributes and Discoveries.” 1997 JVC Jazz Festival Program (in Pulse Magazine), 10, 12
“Rahsaan Roland Kirk: The 3-Sided Man,” Jazziz, June, 1998
“Piano Classics.” 1998 JVC Jazz Festival Program (in Pulse Magazine)
“Miles, The Next Version,” Jazziz, October, 1998, 64-66
“Back to the Future.” 1999 JVC Jazz Festival Program (in Pulse Magazine, June, 1999)

“Newport Begins.” 1999 JVC Festival Program, Newport Rhode Island, July, 1999
“Books” [monthly column], Jazziz, 1999-2000
“Keyword: Jazz” [Jazz and the Internet], Jazziz, September, 1999, 64-5
“Of Her Own Design” [Myra Melford Interview], Jazziz, June, 2000, 66-68
“A Guide to the Guides” [jazz record guides], Jazziz, September, 2000

Writings in Other Publications:

Articles and reviews in the American Anthropologist, American Journal of Sociology, The Anthropology of Work Newsletter, Ethnomusicology, Journal of American Folklore, Journal of Japanese Studies, Language in Society, Philadelphia Inquirer, Research in African Literatures, Western Folklore, Boston Phoenix, Hartford Courant, Escapade, Jazz Magazine, Jazz and Pop, Jazz Review, Amazon.com, Ohio State Lantern, The Wire, Spin.