Essays & Reviews in ‘The Village Voice’

Essays and Reviews on Music, Dance, and Performance in The Village Voice:
“Really the (Typed Out) Blues: Jazz Fiction in Search of Its Dr. Faustus,” July 2, 1979
“Cecil Taylor With a Beat,” July 23, 1980.
“Gil Evans and Written Jazz,” January 26, 1981
“The Lizards Fake the Fake,” [The Lounge Lizards] July 15, 1981 (Reprinted in Crossovers)
“As It Is Prophesied, So It Used To Be” [nostalgia and music], February 10, 1982 (Reprinted in Crossovers)
“The Sun Never Sets on Rhythm and Music” [WOMAD], September 7, 1982
“Is It R & B?” [Keshavan Maslik], September 28, 1982.
“Way Down Yonder in Buenos Aires” [Oscar Alamán], January 18, 1983 (Reprinted in Crossovers)
“Ennui, Baby!” [Otis Rush], April 3, 1983.
“Wynton Marsalis’s Burden,” September 1983
“Greenwich’s Good Gnosis” [Ellie Greenwich], February 7, 1984 (Reprinted in Crossovers)
“Johnny Otis Sails Away,” July 10, 1984
“Childhood’s Ends” [”Super 8 Motel”: film, Fluxus, and performance art at the Kitchen], April 23, 1985, 95 (Reprinted in Crossovers)
“Sweet Feet” [Jane Goldberg’s Changing Times Tap Dance Company], August 6, 1985 (Reprinted in Crossovers)
“World Views Collide: The History of Jazz and Hot Dance” [Harlequin Record series], February 26, 1986 (Reprinted in Crossovers)
“Afro Blue: Improvising Under Apartheid” [Jazz in South Africa], August 25, 1987 (Reprinted in Crossovers)
“Listing Into the ‘90’s: Music on the Margins,” February 20, 1990
“Free On Third: Free Jazz Saturday Matinees,” May 8, 1990
“Jazz On a Summer’s Day” [JVC Festival], July, 1990
“Harmolodic Punk” [new groups influenced by Ornette Coleman], February 13, 1991
“Tippett On In and Out” [Keith Tippett], April 16, 1991
“Beauty Before Age” [JVC Festival], July, 1991
“Sonny Rollins in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction,” December 3, 1991, p. 70 (Reprinted in Crossovers)
“The Vaults of Saturn,” [Sun Ra reissues on Evidence Records], February 26, 1992
“Free Samples: Roy Nathanson and Anthony Coleman,” August 23, 1992 (Reprinted in Crossovers)
“The Last Set: AJO, R.I.P” [The American Jazz Repertory Company], December 22, 1992
“Obituary: Sun Ra,” June 8, 1993 [syndicated by United Features] (Reprinted in Crossovers)
“Rhythm is Next to Godliness” [Franklin Kiermyer], August 2, 1994
“Rockbeat: Dark Passage” [The Jazz Passengers] November 29, 1994
“Classic, Not Classy” [The 1997 Texaco New York Jazz Festival], July 15, 1997, 55, 60
“!Ornette Coleman” [”Ornette Coleman: ?Civilization” at Lincoln Center], July 22, 1997, 55, 57 (Reprinted in Crossovers)
“Cosmo” [Dave Douglas], April 28, 1998, 132
“Opening Night” [Joseph and Lester Bowie at the Texaco New York Jazz Festival], June 16, 1998
“Against the Rhythm” [M-Base at Texaco New York Jazz Festival], June 16, 1998
“Knit Latin” [Jane Bunnett, Vocal Sampling, and Marc Ribot at 1998
Texaco New York Festival], June 23, 1998
“Phoenix Rivers” [Summit Conference at 1998 Texaco New York Jazz Festival], June 23, 1998
“Higher Spaces” [Lost Jazz Shrines Festival: The Loft Scene], December 8, 1988, p. 61
“Still On His Own Page” [Lost Jazz Shrines Festival II: George
Russell], May 25, 1999, p. 120
“Rockin’ in Rhythm” [Duke Ellington at 100: The Records], June 15, 1999, p. 111
“Milling at the Mall” [The Bell Atlantic 1999 Jazz Festival], June 22, 1999, pp. 71-72 (Reprinted in Crossovers)
“Passover: A Time to Say Oy and Yo” [“Freedom Songs” at the Museum of Jewish Heritage] April< 14-20, 2004
“The Sun Ra Guide,” June 6, 2006